Thursday, 20 February 2014

Awaken Yourself with Kundalini Yoga!

Let's be clear. Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini energy are not the same thing.
Kundalini Yoga is a systematic approach to awakening the Kundalini energy within you through poses, meditation, breathing exercises and mantra.
Some students refuse to practice Kundalini Yoga because they are afraid of this "awakening." 
However, the result of all yoga is to awaken. Does this mean you should be afraid of all yoga?
Let's step back and understand what we are awakening.
You are waking up an energy that already lives inside you. This is what we call self-realization: an awakening that expands your consciousness and leads you to live as your best self. This energy is what lies behind all creative genius. It gives you the capacity to become more compassionate, loving, selfless, creative and intuitive. You become the person you were meant to be.
There are a lot of stories/theories about the dangers of Kundalini awakening but inner awakening isn't going to hurt you. On the other hand, staying asleep as opposed to living consciously probably will. For almost everyone, this energy rises slowly and imperceptibly. You may not experience anything more than a heightened sense of awareness. Don't expect bells and whistles to go off. Remember the human mind is very susceptible to suggestion and if you want to create a bizarre experience for yourself you can likely do just that with your suggestive thinking.
There is inherent intelligence in the practice of yoga that prepares the bodies nerve channels to handle this release of energy inside you. The only danger lies in trying to force something to happen.
Don't be extreme in your practices. Don't try to force anything. When we do extreme practices, instead of experiencing this gradual waking up, you'll feel like you've had a bad drug trip.
How you experience this movement of energy simply depends on who you are and your state of mind-body health.  What you will most likely experience is a tremendous surge of creative energy, and a deep loving connection to yourself and others.
Sounds good to me! 

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