Thursday, 22 October 2015


Wild Fire - Goddess Shakti!

Let the Wild Fire of the Goddess Shakti enlighten your life. Feel her stirring from deep within you - awakening you form the trance of inadequacy from the hypnotic paralyzed state of hopelessness.

Let her heal your wounds with her warmth and promise of a New Life lived in Love and Acceptance of All that you are.

Be a light-bearer.

You are here on a deep mission, you have a message to us. Let us hear it. Let us feel it. Let us burn in your Bright Fire of Truth and Hope. Light the path with your Burning Heart.

I bow.. In awe of All that you are

Thursday, 15 October 2015


The name Kali is derived from ka, the first consonant of Sanskrit, and which can mean "time, pleasure, light, sound, sun, air, soul, wealth, water, head, fire, body," and much more. Further, kā means "seek, desire, yearn, love." The second syllable lī means "to melt, liquefy, dissolve." Thus, in Tantra, the goddess Kali represents the power that can dissolve desire. Desire is the glue that binds us to suffering. Conversely, in negative forms of Tantra, Kali is worshipped as a fulfiller of desire, that which binds us to lust.


Tuesday, 22 September 2015


"Unfortunately, I did not know any better. I was worth the attention I was given. And sexuality was the attention I was best at receiving, despite love being what I was seeking and believed I was getting."

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Yoga Props!

A Wild Woman!

I define a wild woman as being a powerful force. She listens to her intuition, she knows her truth. She creates a life and lives by her rules, and not what she has been taught. She is curious and questions everything, and she recognizes what belongs in her world, and what doesn't. She is not afraid to say no, and she is not afraid to let go. She thinks outside the box, and is wild with her thoughts. She is passionate about what she believes in and fights for it. She is not perfect, she loves and accepts her imperfections. She is loving, caring and generous, but what she isn't, is a doormat or submissive. She has self respect and honors the woman she has become. Strength wasn't handed to her, she discovered it and now embraces it. She is FEAR-LESS. Awaken the wild woman within, she lives at every stage of a woman’s life. She is both tough and tender, set her free, give her air to breathe, she has been asleep too long.

Are You A Wild Woman?

If so…
You are Stronger than you know
You are Worthier than you believe
Are you passionate about making a difference?
You are fiery, when protecting those you love
You continue to learn and grow
You are warm, giving, and generous
You are funny and smart
You are flawed and you are whole ...

Monday, 14 September 2015


Enlightenment is a destructive process.
It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier.
Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. 
It’s seeing through the facade of pretense.
It’s the complete eradication of everything we
imagined to be true.

~ Adyashanti

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


"I am peeled open, raw and exposed to the elements; to everything around me, to the Universe and to myself. It is so much deeper than lessons that pour in but a fundamental shift in the core of my being. 

Foundations are shaken, old pillars of beliefs crumble and the ashes are scattered to the four winds. All the clarity let into this place illuminating the shadow and the light, the reality and f
iction all at once for us to embody, sinking into our very souls.

Nothing is safe from this piercing gaze, nothing can hide from this truth. Here is a place where we are open for what is needing to be felt, no matter how much it can pain us at times. It is being called home to our beings because this is something that we need to experience.

There is transformation in these ashes. We can feel it along every nerve in our body. And we are so ready.

Awakening Woman!

“An Awakening Woman is a spiritual rebellion engaged in a glowing and embodied, nothing-held-back love affair with the great mystery. She moves in the world with fierce compassion, grace and freedom, and is passionate about truth, rest & real love. She is fluent in angelic, diva and in Kali roars. Earth is home and so is infinity.”

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Dakini Dance!

She danced like a hippie with the spirit of life.
She flew with the winds of possibility like a fairy.
She stamped her feet in passion and presence like a flamenco girl. 
She twirled to the music in her heart like a butterfly.
She sung the song of those who loved the earth. 
She was a rock.
She felt her stars within.
She was a drop in the vast ocean of the universe and in that she knew her brilliance, she found her freedom.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


"When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits - anything that kept me small. My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-Loving"

Monday, 24 August 2015

Modern-Day Priestess!

The Modern-Day Priestess is…
A woman who is deeply rooted in her knowing of self. She stands within her own center of gravity not being swayed by the energy, desires or will of others.
A woman who lives in alignment with her own truth…her decisions match and support her highest vision for her life because she is clear about what she most values and what is true for her.
A woman who knows her rhythms and cycles. She flows with them with elegance and aligns her life vision with timing that is natural for her.
A woman who knows and trusts her inner voice of wisdom…and she looks within for her own answers and guidance.
A woman who is deeply spiritual. Her beliefs and practices are typically not rooted in any particular religion, however they are informed by practices that resonate with her spiritual truth.
A woman who knows she is the creator of her life and her reality. She brings full presence, sacred practice, ceremony and ritual into every aspect of her life. She lives and works in communion with the divine.
A woman who leads by guiding others with her sacred wisdom while also empowering them to connect with and access their own sacred source of wisdom. ॐ heart emoticon

Friday, 21 August 2015

As it is....

Layer by layer I removed all that I thought I was, all that I thought I had to be and in the moment I was left standing naked and vulnerable without identities and labels, I remembered, I am that I am.

Transforming Asanas!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Adiyogi - The First Yogi: More Than a Man!

In yoga, Shiva is not seen as a God, but as the first yogi, Adiyogi, and the first Guru, the Adi Guru. 

“Adiyogi - The First Yogi: More Than a Man

Friday, 24 July 2015

Another Dimension!

“Understand me. 
I'm not like an ordinary world.
I have my madness,
I live in another dimension 
and I do not have time for things
that have no soul.”
ॐ heart emoticon

Thursday, 16 July 2015


“I'm not in search of sanctity, sacredness, purity; these things are found after this life, not in this life; but in this life I search to be completely human: to feel, to give, to take, to laugh, to get lost, to be found, to dance, to love and to lust, to be so human.” 

Thursday, 9 July 2015


secret desire is to be ravished, lovingly forced open in unbearable pleasure, and taken fully open to love of deep spiritual wisdom, strength, humor, sensitivity and integrity. ॐ 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Let Reality b Real!

The Scarlet Shakti!

"The Serpent Priestess knows intimately the cycles of birth, life, death, rebirth...
transformation, regeneration, and renewal, 
the hidden, the cave, the veil, the eclipse, 
the depths of Earth and the bridges of stars, 
the energy of ley lines of Gaia and body,
vibrational power and of Shakti rising,
the psyche sight of the third eye, the prophetic
of sexuality, sensuality, fecundity, potency...


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Thought!

When your love began to fill up my heart, whatever else I had was burnt away. Logic & book-learning tossed on the fire; now I study song & poetry all day. 

Face Map!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


"My body is the temple, where flesh and Spirit unite. Dance is my prayer. 
Enter my temple and be loved a thousand and one ways. 
Within the sanctuary of my heart, only Love dwells. 
I am a vessel of abundance, infinite dreams.
I am a priestess devoted to Love ~ with my body and every breath..."