Friday, 25 November 2016

Arm Stretching - Fixed Arm Torso Rotation.


Muscles involved: Biceps, pectorals major 
Standing beside a wall or a door, raise the arm laterally until shoulder height, with the palm of the hand turned so that it touches the frame of a door or the corner of a wall. The elbow remains extended. Relaxing the arm and the pectoral region, rotate the torso in the opposite direction of the extended arm.
This exercise is performed in a similar way to that for the pectoral region, but now the elbow must remain extended in order to achieve a good stretch of the biceps. The person executing this movement must know how to feel the tension in the muscle that is being stretched, the biceps brachii, otherwise, the tension might be somewhere else, performing the exercise incorrectly. In such a case, the person should modify the posture and begin the stretch again until he achieves the desired objective.

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