Tuesday, 1 November 2016

16 Emotional Fitness Traits!

16 Emotional Fitness Traits

MMGHigh Personality Trait
(when being my best)
Low Personality Trait
(when not being myself)

DependableI am very devoted and loyal to others.
UndpendableI lack devotion to my own life.

HelpfulI take pride in helping others.
DenialI repress my own desires.

VulnerableI am deeply loving to others.
UnavailableI am apathetic and removed.

FriendshipI have many friends.
DepletedI am not ambitious for myself.

GenerousI give gifts often.
SuggestibleI struggle with addictions.

BondingI have monogamous partners.
IndifferentI am spacey and lack energy.

RomanticI am romantic in my relationships.
UndiscriminatingI do not show preferences.

PassionateI seek intense situations.
AbandonedOthers abandon me.

SpontaneousI enjoy doing things spontaneously.
JadedI am weary, cynical, and overexposed.

CaringI take care of others always.
DevastatedI am in a bad mood often.

OpenI am transparent in my feelings.
ClosedI shun pleasure.

CommunityI include others in what I do.
DefensiveI usually feel attacked.

PromotionalI honestly promote everyone.
NarcissisticI get caught being vain.

HumorousI make others laugh.
DetachedI am overly detached.

EnthusiasticI am very appreciative.
PatheticI am outcast by others.

HospitableI welcome everyone.
IsolatedI am a castle unto myself.

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