Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Gist of Stretching!

  • Step 1 would be finding a comfortable passive stretch, bringing your leg towards your face while keeping both hips square and your butt on the floor.
  • Step 2 is contracting your hamstring to bring your heel down towards the floor (with a straight leg) as resistance is applied. The resistance can be from a partner, as shown, who is pushing against your heel as hard as you are pulling it down, or you can apply the resistance yourself, using your arms to pull back on the leg. The idea is that the resistance is equal to the force you’re exerting in the contraction so that the leg stays in place even though it is doing work. This is also called an isometric contraction.
  • Step 3 is relaxing the hamstring. Assuming you find an increase in flexibility from doing steps 1-2, you would move your leg closer to your face until you find the new “comfortable” passive stretch, and then repeat steps 1-3 again.

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