Thursday, 20 October 2016

16 Psychological Fitness Traits!

16 Psychological Fitness Traits

MMGHigh Personality Trait
(when being my best)
Low Personality Trait
(when not being myself)

Decision MakingDecisive, certain, loyal, dependable, courageous
DependencyIndecisive, guilty, cowardly, secretive, demeaning

FreedomLiberated, unrepressed, free-spirited, humble, proud, helpful, giving, independent
CodependencyOverly helpful, stuck, denying, irritable, frustrated

LeadershipTruth seeking, discerning, powerful, strong, protective, vulnerable
Passive-AgressiveManipulative, tyrannical, autocratic, grieving, powerless, oppressive

AmbitionCompleting, perfecting, idealistic, fair, principled, serene, resolved
Obsessive-CompulsiveHypercritical, controlling, procrastinating, stoic, manic

SobrietySelf-expressive, self-educated, work identifying, nonaddictive, sympathetic, potential promoting, tasteful, optimistic
AddictionAddictive, eccentric, digressive, vague, loose associations, overly frank

PeacefulCommunicative, empathetic, healthy routines, aware of connections, synchronicity
MartyrdomSelf-sacrificing, indifferent, moralizing, prudish, preachy, complaining, listless

Unconditional LoveRight acting, unifying, mediating, animated, solid, cheerful, imaginative, sincere
AvoidantLazy, inert, heavy, neglectful, fiery outbursts, forgetful

CreativityPassionate, equable, classy, self-affirming, aesthetic, beautifying, cultured, expressive, elegant, fulfillment seeking
DepressionHysterical, self-abandoning, melancholic, self-incriminating, discouraged

TrustMasterful, civil, knowledgeable, cultivated, aristocratic, problem solving, happy, genteel, mantra generating, heroic
ParanoidDistrustful, delusional, betraying, lustful, nervous, covetous, rude

Self-WorthCaring, graceful, sexual, respectful, good-looking, captivating, alluring, mood affecting, spontaneous, desirable
MoodyBiased, bad habits, presumptuous, moody, empty, borderline, erratic, morbid, unstable

Good JudgmentEthical, open, prudent, undisguised, karmic perceptive, philanthropic, transparent, validating, straightforward
MasochisticSelf-defeating, oblivious, stiff, closed, sentencing, implacable

AthleticRisk taking, lucky, stylish, restful, vigorous, revering, community connected
SadisticStressed, duplicitous, antisocial, violent, mean, intimidating, lying, obnoxious, loud, enslaving

PromotionalHonest, hopeful, successful, balanced, fiscally astute, motivating, cooperative, performing
NarcissisticVain, anxious about failure, deceitful, narcissistic, aggrandizing, exploitative

PhilosophicalObservant, wizardly, original, innovative, enlightened, meditative, ruminating, meaning seeking, humorous
SchizoidSplit, fearful, withdrawn, rejecting, greedy, regressive, retreating

ChangeableIndividualistic, integrity, enthusiastic, centered, calm
DepersonalizedOut of body, anarchist, frantic, officious, toxic

Good Health HabitsHealthy diet and exercise, healing, forgiving, hospitable, myth personifying
BrainwashingTroubled, diseased, angst ridden, demanding, eating disorders, destruction of property

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