Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Stretching the Back!

For Stretching the Back you will need a piece of equipment to hang from. As the back does so much work for you, day in and day out, this is a piece of equipment every household should have, it is easy to install, and may be used for a lot of great exercises beyond just for Stretching the Back.
Grab the bar and hang, and think about relaxing your body completely, this may take a few Back Stretching exercises to be able to relax completely, but you will be able to do it. While hanging inhale and exhale slowly, this will assist you in relaxing, as it expands and contracts the ribcage, tensing then easing the pressure on the discs of the vertebrae.
Stretching: Stretching the Back
Now that you are hanging, relaxed, slowly bring your chin down to your sternum (chest), this will add additional stretching to your upper and middle back.
Benefits of Stretching the Back:
  1. Helps limit the deterioration of the inter-vertebral discs
  2. Reduces the risk of disc herniation
  3. Strengthens the muscle groups of the back
  4. Prior to exercising, particularly with heavy weights, will warm up the muscles in preparation of the effort to be endured
  5. After exercising this exercise will help stretch and loosen the back muscles helping to alleviate residual soreness
*NOTE: If you have any stabbing pain, or previous injuries to your back, please consult a professional prior to trying this exercise.

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