Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Stretch the Anterior Deltoid!

To Stretch the Anterior Deltoid muscle start by standing erect, grasp your hands together, comfortably, behind your back pushing your arms back as far as possible.
Now slowly raise your arms up behind your back while pushing your chest out and pulling your chin in. Hold this exercise for a count of 10, then slowly lower your arms down.
This exercise focuses primarily on the Anterior Deltoid, and secondarily on the Pectoralis Major, Biceps Brachii, with additional stretching to the Brachialis, Brachioradialis and Extensor Muscle Group.
Stretching: How to Stretch the Anterior Deltoid
Benefits of Anterior Deltoid Stretching:
  1. Increase deltoid/shoulder flexibility
  2. Improve circulation to your chest, shoulders and arms
  3. Loosen shoulder/chest muscles prior to any strenuous exercises involving any aspect of your upper body
  4. After exercises these stretches help avoid any cramping due to the tightening of these muscles during your exercise routine.

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