Friday, 23 May 2014


“Live in a softer body. Drop your shoulders. Lift your heart. Lengthen your spine. Relax your belly”
Empty is the energy swirling around us at the moment.
To empty opens us up, expands our glow in the world, creates space for all sorts of new possibilities and ways of thinking and being.
Empty is a cleansing medicine that you can apply to any area of your life.  Perfect if your life is over-filled, with little room for creativity, play and rest. Healing if your health is not the best.
Empty is a gift. A choice. An opportunity.
Empty is not a loss.
Empty creates space.  Space so you can live and be the best version of yourself.

Empty is a perfect opportunity to let go (physically, emotionally or energetically) of all that no longer serves who we are today.
Over these holidays I’ve been emptying my life.
Not in a big, shake it all up kinda a way, but simply, peacefully.  Emptying a little each day.  Releasing heaviness, complications and tangles that I seem to have created over the year.  Empty leads to feelings of lightness and flow and a belief that change is possible.
Simple rituals to empty:
Empty your lungs:
Let go of stagnant air and stuck toxic emotions sitting at the bottom of your lungs.
Exhale fully and empty your lungs completely.  Your inhales will then naturally be deeper, more satisfying, reaching into all corners of your lungs, infusing your body with more oxygen (great for your blood and organs) and boosting detoxing.
Empty your head:
Calm your mind. Give space to your thoughts. Grab a pen and scribble words onto a page.  They don’t need to make sense or look neat.
Getting thoughts, words, shapes and images out of your head and onto paper is incredibly therapeutic. It’s relaxes your thinking, brings you more into the now and sometimes brings a dose of clarity and guidance.
Empty your stuff:
Live well with less.
Start small with a draw in your kitchen or under your bed.
It’s time to let go of anything unloved, unused, unwanted or broken. Feel a sense of lightness that follows when you clear your clutter.
Empty your attachment to screens:
Screens stimulate, demand and constantly interrupt.  Screens fatigue the eyes.
Go for half a day, a few hours without checking your phone or staring at a screen.
Most importantly remove screens from your bedroom. At the very least avoid screens for the first hour or more of your morning.
Empty your to-do list (aka excessive busyness)
Be open to new possibilities. Be brave. Be willing to let go of your to-do list and take an un-planned day.
It works miracles. Go wherever your feet take you. Walk fast if you need too, before you change your mind!
Empty yourself from multi-tasking:
Slow it down a notch! One moment. One focus. One breath. One thing at a time. Your adrenals will thank you.
Give your whole attention to one thing – well.
Mono-tasking is the new black.  Multi-tasking is very last centry.


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