Sunday, 19 January 2014

embracing sexuality!

One of the most important energies for us to embrace and accept is our sexuality. The cultural paradigm that we are leaving, referred to as babylon... uses frequencies of shame, guilt, and unworthiness to suppress our life force, and to keep us plugged in to the matrix.. When we release the genetic distortions of guilt, shame, unworthiness, victimization, etc... and we enter into our bodies once again, we take our power back from the "system", the matrix. And we can shine our genuine light, and deprogram others just by existing. Our sexuality is one of the main keys to unlocking the cellular memory of our body and becoming our own healers. As we embrace, express, and accept our sexuality we self generate enough energy to power all of our chakras. What it all comes down to is understanding that desire is divine. Our natural desires are an expression of the divine. Suppression and repression of our desires is what leads to blockages in our energy, toxicity in our body, addiction, and feeds the frequencies of babylon. When we embrace and love ourselves, our desires, our needs, our wants, and grant ourselves the beingness to just BE. We subconsciously allow others to do the same, and attune them to the same frequency of love and acceptance. So have fun and release all that no longer serves you. There is no time like the present, and you are worth it! You are more powerful and loving than you can imagine. The qualities that you project in to the ideas "god", "goddess", "buddha"... are actually holograms and reflections of the purity in yourself. Your own buddha nature. Love and Blessings! 

Namaste Visual Transmission: Olivia Curry

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