Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Can I suggest that this short clip gives a very simple understanding of what happens when the fire of kundalini awakens in the body (normally starting at the base chakra around the spine - not the feet) which is two currents known as the ida and pingalla which rise up the spinal column, intersecting at all the chakra wheels, until they reach the crown chakra where they create an ecstatic union with higher consciousness, connecting the physical with the divine in an incredible experience of bliss. This is what happens in sacred sex. The body is awakened and channels the orgasmic sexual energy that would normally just stay at the genital level, and awakens the whole of the body so that you have a full body orgasm. The energy then exiting the top of the head begins to circulate in a formation known as a Taurus. This then allows the women (for me anyway - don't know about the masculine) to have continuous orgasmic bliss that can last two hours or more.

This is sacred sex. This is the energy that you can awaken to when you open the chakra wheels of the body and start to focus on cleaning out the body and creating a vehicle that can contain these high level, high voltage states.


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