Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Twist in the Asanas!...very useful!!

                                     Yoga Twists Benefit Detoxification

Twisting poses are good for 'detox', massages internal organs, balancing the bi-polar energy, good pranic flow...

Twisting poses are the postures in which we rotate the torso along the vertical of the spine. Moving in this way has many benefits, both physical and non-physical. Twisting postures can be gentle & restorative, deep & invigorating, or anywhere in between. Regardless, all twists have a great deal to teach us about our bodies, our breath, and our unconscious preferences and should be included as a part of every practice.

The twist imposed on the spine and the whole trunk exercises the muscles, makes the spinal column
more flexible and stimulates the spinal nerves. It also has a strong influence on the abdominal muscles, alternately stretching and compressing them as the body twists from one direction to the other. Beginners must be careful not to twist the trunk more than flexibility will allow. 

Most of the spinal twist asanas enhance the pranic flow in the samana region, around the navel. This nourishes organs such as the pancreas, kidneys, stomach, small intestines, liver and gall bladder, relieves associated disorders and rejuvenates the tissues generally. The samana region is also related to
manipura chakra, a plexus of major nadis or pranic channels, supplying the whole body. These asanas, therefore, have a strong effect on total health and vitality. On the emotional and psychic levels, controlled twisting represents a means of managing the knots and problems of life. For many people, life seems complicated and their problems appear too difficult to solve. These asanas give an insight and inspire a systematic approach to untying the tangled knots of life.

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