Sunday, 18 August 2013

essence of yoga asanas-feel!!!

A great many types of yoga, and they differ from each other not only modifications of poses, but also the philosophy.
The best 'expression' of asana is not how it appears from the outside, but energetically how it "feels" from the inside. An individual's very anatomy can prevent one from ever perfecting the outward expression of any given asana, Not so with the somatic energetic sensation or expression of an asana that feels right to the practitioner from the inside. The reason for asana is to open up the energy channels on the physical body, so that energy can circulate freely. This can be effectively accomplished for any given individual while still respecting anatomical variations and restrictions. Perfect asana as seen from the outside may indeed never be possible, but perfect Expression of the asana, while respecting and honoring one's individual physical body is indeed possible, and in fact, very achievable! 

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