Tuesday, 1 September 2015


"I am peeled open, raw and exposed to the elements; to everything around me, to the Universe and to myself. It is so much deeper than lessons that pour in but a fundamental shift in the core of my being. 

Foundations are shaken, old pillars of beliefs crumble and the ashes are scattered to the four winds. All the clarity let into this place illuminating the shadow and the light, the reality and f
iction all at once for us to embody, sinking into our very souls.

Nothing is safe from this piercing gaze, nothing can hide from this truth. Here is a place where we are open for what is needing to be felt, no matter how much it can pain us at times. It is being called home to our beings because this is something that we need to experience.

There is transformation in these ashes. We can feel it along every nerve in our body. And we are so ready.

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