Thursday, 17 September 2015

A Wild Woman!

I define a wild woman as being a powerful force. She listens to her intuition, she knows her truth. She creates a life and lives by her rules, and not what she has been taught. She is curious and questions everything, and she recognizes what belongs in her world, and what doesn't. She is not afraid to say no, and she is not afraid to let go. She thinks outside the box, and is wild with her thoughts. She is passionate about what she believes in and fights for it. She is not perfect, she loves and accepts her imperfections. She is loving, caring and generous, but what she isn't, is a doormat or submissive. She has self respect and honors the woman she has become. Strength wasn't handed to her, she discovered it and now embraces it. She is FEAR-LESS. Awaken the wild woman within, she lives at every stage of a woman’s life. She is both tough and tender, set her free, give her air to breathe, she has been asleep too long.

Are You A Wild Woman?

If so…
You are Stronger than you know
You are Worthier than you believe
Are you passionate about making a difference?
You are fiery, when protecting those you love
You continue to learn and grow
You are warm, giving, and generous
You are funny and smart
You are flawed and you are whole ...

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