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Does our sexual energy play a role in sleep & our states of consciousness while dreaming? Indeed yes!
As our sexual energy is the foundation to all of our psychological, emotional & physical states of well-being, & or otherwise, it is very vital that we know how to wisely manage such a force.
Our dreams reveal unto us the reality of our falsity.
All of our mis-perceptions, delusional projections, & limitations that we identify with flash upon the screen of the mind without hesitation as we slumber.
If we seek to transform ourselves, then we can take the opportunity that dreams have to offer to study ourselves & clearly see what it is within us that requires change. This implies wakefulness of the consciousness, while the body rests in bed.
Yet before you can awaken in the dream world, you must awaken here & now... Dreaming is for those who sleep.
Perhaps you're dreaming now with your "eyes wide shut" as you peruse & scroll along in cyberspace..?- which is none other than the shared dream of this modern humanity...
What do you observe right now within yourself that sincerely needs to change? How is your sexual energy expressing itself in the waking & dreaming states?
Dream-Yoga is one of the Six Yogas of Niguma & Naropa.
Dream-Yoga is a term that means to Unite the (Awakened) Consciousness with the process of dreaming, so as to remain vigil in the internal worlds while the physical body snores in bed.
The Consciousness is awakened by simultaneously applying the 3 Factors:
1. Mystical Death (Purification of the Ego)
2. Mystical Birth (Birth of the Soul through Sexual Alchemy)
3. Altruistic Love for all Beings (Cognizant Love through Comprehending Selflessness)
In the Six Yogas we find the Yoga of the Inner Fire (Tummo), which is none other than the Serpent of Fire~ Kundalini~.
Everyone of the Yogas is powered by the cultivation & mastery of the Inner Fire, & this is accomplished by practicing Transorgasmic Sex.
The Science of Transorgasmic Sex (TOS) produces wakefulness within the consciousness, thus allowing one to transverse the inner realms with ease & grace. The Serpent of Fire is the Key to all siddhis (psychic powers), therefore we offer cult to the Fire through TOS.
The acquisition of siddhis should never be motivated by the ego or personality. In fact, siddhis are only good for the comprehension & dissolution of the ego & false-personality!
The only reason why the Divine Mother Kundalini would provide precious siddhis is for the purpose of outwitting the clever "I", the so-called "myself". The Awakened State allows us to stay one step ahead of the "I", & to deeply study it's awkward & imposing behaviors, all of which keeps the consciousness in slumber.
In fact, the greatest of all siddhis is the dissolution of the "I". Before we can dissolve the "I", we must acquire in depth comprehension of it. Then we offer it to the fire of Devi-Kundalini during the sacred sexual rites of TOS. It is stated in the the mysteries of Esoteric Sexology that She will only dissolve an ego that has been thoroughly comprehended. The secret of comprehension is that we extract a portion of soul-essence that's been trapped in such ego, & the Mother doesn't want to destroy that, only the Klipoth (the empty shell) of the "I".
This is why we employ the sadhana of Dream-Yoga.
With awakened consciousness we can study & comprehend the false "I" while the physical sleeps, & thus speedily reach unto the Shore of Liberation.
If you long to awaken your consciousness, practice Transorgasmic Sexuality; this is the Swift Path of Awakening in one lifetime, for the loving benefit of all living beings .
Blessed be Love!
Blessed are the beings who adore each other!
via Xolah Locia.

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