Friday, 25 April 2014


Our individual healing journey is our gift to the world. The more we are capable of truly loving our self, the more love we broadcast to the rest of the human race. 

Self-acceptance is the key to peace because when we accept our self completely there is nothing to judge on the outside. If we find our self in challenging times feeling less than spiritual and less than we could be, it is exactly at that moment that we can bow inward and remember the beauty of this human journey.

Every lesson and flaw that we accept with an open heart gives us the power to expand and then to help others by our presence. This process of healing and awakening makes us humble and compassionate as well as strong and powerful.

Humility is the door to real wisdom and in this era it is the Wisdom of the Heart that is going to heal our Planet and the Human Race. We are all healing together!

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