Thursday, 10 April 2014

Ayurveda Dosha Test!

To determine your Ayurvedic Dosha, fill out the questionnaire below. Base your choices on what you observe is most consistent over a long period of time, rather than your present state. Make one choice from the column that best describes yourself. However, feel free to make a selection from more than one column if two columns equally describe you. All of the words in that column need not apply for you make the selection. For Example, see below : Column Vata, Observation Hair - "dry, brittle, scarce". As long as one of these applies, make the selection.

 Most of us will have one Dosha predominant, a few will have two Doshas approximately equal and even fewer will have all three Doshas in equal proportion.

Body sizeThin buildMedium buildLarge build
Body weightLowMediumHeavy side
Weight changeTrouble gainingCan gain but lose quicklyGains weight easily, hard to lose
Skin typeThin, drySmooth, combination skinThick, oily,
Skin textureCold, roughness, light colorWarm, reddish, frecklesCool, pale
HairDry, brittle, scarce, gets knottedStraight, oily, prone to hair lossThick, curly, oily, wavy, luxuriant
Hair colorBrown, blackBlond, gray, red,Dark black, darkbrown
TeethBig, roomy, stick out, thin gumsMedium size, soft, tender gumsHealthy, white, strong gums
NoseUneven shape, deviated septumLong, pointed, red nose tipShort, rounded, button nose
EyesSmall, sunken, dry, active, freq.blinkingSharp, sensitive to lightBig, calm,
Eye colorBlack, brownbright gray, green, yellow / red,Blue
NailsDry, rough, easily brokenSharp, flexible, long, reddish tintThick, smooth, shiny surface
LipDry, crackedOften inflamedSmooth, large
Lip colorBlack or brown tintRed or yellowishPale
ChinThin and angularTaperedRounded, big
CheeksSunken, lines or wrinklesFlat and smoothBig or round
NeckLong, thinMediumWide
ChestSmall, flatModerateBroad chested
BellySmall, flatModeratelarge, defined
BellybuttonSmall, irregularOval, superficialBig, deep, round
HipsSmall or thinModerateBig
JointsCracking noiseModerateLarge, lubricated
AppetiteIrregular in frequency and magnitudeStrong, cannot skip mealsSteady, regular, skips meals
Taste preferenceSweet, sour, saltySweet, bitter, astringentBitter, pungent, astringent
ThirstVariableNeed water regularlySparse need for water
When there is indigestionTendency to constipation, forms gasCauses burning, heart burn, refluxForms mucous
EliminationDryLooseThick, sluggish
Physical activityAlways activeModerateSlow, measured
Mental activityAlways activeModerateCalm
PersonalityVivacious, talkative, social, outgoingLikes to be in control, intense, ambitiousReserved, laid back, concerned
Emotional response when stressedAnxiety, fearAnger, jealousyGreedy, possessive, withdrawn
Faith or beliefsVariableDedicated/strongConsistent
Intellectual responseQuick, not detailedAccurate, timelyPaced but exact
MemoryGood short term, quick to forgetMedium but accurateSlow to remember but then sustained
Career, life preferenceCreative arts, designingScience or engineeringManagement, human relations, care giving
EnvironmentEasily feels coldIntolerant of heatUncomfortable in humidity
SleepShort, broken upmoderate and soundDeep and long
DreamsMultiple and quick, fearfulFiery, often about conflictsSlow, romantic
SpeechRapid, hither thitherprecise, articulateSlow, monotonous
FinancialBuy on impulseSpends money on luxuriesGood at Saving money

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