Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tantric Meditation!

An author talks about the effects of the Yogi Tantric meditation:
"Meditation helps us relax, become a genius, have exceptional spiritual states, etc. The ones who practice meditation do not go further from this world. On the contrary, they become wiser and can thus understand the others better, feel compassion to those who are in pain, be stronger and of more help to the others."(Robert Jungle, PARI SUR L"HOMME)

The efficiency secret in Tantra Yoga:
Generally speaking the secret of meditation and of yoga practice is the subtle energetic RESONANCE. By focusing on the mental level, the practitioner manages to initiate and amplify gradually RESONANCE processes between his own system called the MICROCOSM and the exterior, the MACROCOSM.

There are numerous benefic energies in the macrocosm. Here are some examples: the vital energies and erotic energies, the universal love, the purity energies, the harmonious energies of beauty, who modulate Nature permanently, the energetic sphere of macrocosm mental and even the supreme energies of the Divine Transcendence.

A meditation becomes a journey in these invisible spheres but which are not less real than the physical world we live in. With each meditation we increase our benefice sphere of energy and become, in time, real gods out of common people.

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