Thursday, 31 October 2013

Plow Pose: Halasana II

Contra-indications: This asana should not be practised by those
who suffer from hernia, slipped disc, sciatica, high blood
pressure or any serious back problem, especially arthritis
of the neck and heavy period of mensuration.

Benefits: The movement of the diaphragm which takes place
during the practice of halasana massages all the internal
organs, activates the digestion, relieving constipation and
dyspepsia, revitalises the spleen and the suprarenal glands,
promotes the production of insulin by the pancreas and
improves liver and kidney function. It strengthens the
abdominal muscles, relieves spasms in the back muscles,
tones the spinal nerves, improving the operation of the
sympathetic nervous system, and increases blood circulation
to the whole area. It regulates the activities of the
thyroid gland which balances the body's metabolic rate,
and stimulates the thymus gland, boosting the immune

It is used in yoga therapy for the management of asthma,
bronchitis, constipation, hepatitis, urinary tract and
menstrual disorders.

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