Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hand Pronation With Extended Elbow.

29. Hand Pronation With Extended Elbow

Muscles involved: Supinator, abducens policis longus, extensor policis longus
As with the previous exercise, we start, preferably standing up, by extending our elbow completely, and putting the hand in a pronated position (it is turned as if pouring a pitcher of water), helping the movement with the opposite hand.
Stretching the indicated muscles here is not easy because the bony limits usually prevent it. This is why in this exercise we combine two movements in order to take the muscles to their maximum extension. Our pain rule applies here as well – if you feel pain you are taking things too far.
One interesting point to note is that pronation and supination of the forearm are not generated by the wrist, as it first appears. The wrist, in fact, lacks these two movements. The rotation is produced from the elbow, and it involves both the arm and the forearm muscles.

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