Friday, 22 May 2015

Divine Rapture and Sexual Rapture!

Our Kundalini energy is an energy force that’s primary objective is to get us connected. Connected within ourselves, connected to each other and connected to the Divine and all of life. When we ride the ecstatic waves of kundalini we fall in sync with the universe, we live in a state of Grace.

When our sexual energy ( kundalini shakti) rises and sparks the seed of love in our hearts, she feels like an inner lover. All the great mystics who have experienced spiritual liberation and egoic freedom refer to their experience of this intoxicated union with the divine as lover, as Beloved. Even though the mystics may not be engaging in sex with another human, their body mind system is experiencing a full bodied ecstatic orgasmic state, known as the great passion, referring to the alchemical union of the Divine Feminine (Kundalini Shakti, Goddess) and the Divine Masculine (Shiva, God) within.

Divine rapture and sexual rapture are both experienced within our sexual chemistry and whether we are experiencing sexual union with another human or divine union with God/ Goddess within it is felt as a full bodied ecstatic orgasmic state. Spirit uses our sexual chemistry in the alchemical process,we may not even be sexually engaged with another but we feel fully sexual and fully juiced up in an ecstatic state of divine rapture.

This state of intoxicated union with the divine as beloved, is the state of consciousness that inspires the ecstatic poetry of Rumi, Kabir or Hafiz. The ecstatic masters understood what is was to submit to rapture, to let go and dissolve into union. That is, allowing the ecstatic sublime currents of divinity to melt the ego’s sense of separation and open to the sacred marriage.

The sacred marriage occurs by dropping completely into the energy of the divine mother and father, through the spirit of devotion. We also need to be fully prepared to feel all the emotions that arise as we open to embodying the divine energies within us. This process gradually, clears any energy blockages held within our emotional energy centres our chakras, until it completes an alchemical cycle. When we feel the emotion is felt, the energy block is cleared and the divine energies can flow into that specific chakra, lifting the vibration of the chakra to its highest potential expression. When the union occurs, we experience inner illumination and a raising of consciousness of various levels of our lives.
via: Leyolah Antara 

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