Saturday, 11 April 2015

Kissing the sacred!

I'm not interested in safe, quiet, censored, polished, perfected. Being 'good' doesn't turn me on. I want it raw, broken open in the heat of passion, fired up and stoked into a raging-burn intensity. Enough of being nice, or right, or proper. 

Whether it's love, sex, food, conversation, movement - give it to me dripping wet with the decadent purity that comes from your own unfiltered truth. Offer to me something I can sink my teeth into, drawing beads of sweat from my skin, electrifying the juices heating up my body, exploding into pieces the barriers keeping our primal energy at bay.

What turns me on is your willingness to show up as you are, letting your own exotic language and wild visions become splayed across my entire being--stretching, expanding, shattering the reality I have known to this point. I'm ready for it. In fact, the depths of my being beg for it.

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