Friday, 27 February 2015

What defines a Wild Woman?

She is free
She is free of all the lies that are misleading to a woman about how and what a woman "should" look like and act like. 
She is untamed with her thoughts, they are wild and free, and they are without restriction.

She is Unashamed of her beauty, she has stepped into her own light shining bright, and leading with her inner compass that guides her to the places her soul yearns to go.

She now lives in the raw and naked beauty of who she is.

A Wild Woman is relentless in her quest for living a wild and free life, to be and act in anyway she chooses.She faces her challenges. She watches,she learns and then she becomes the woman her soul has always yearned to be. She was mislead, but now she knows better, and she lives her life without restraints, and without regrets.

I believe this woman lives inside all of us, for some she may be buried deep down within struggling for air. She may be caged, afraid to let loose, or for some she may not even existed. It's up to us to bring her to life, and when the time is right, she will take her first breath, she will crave more. Beware a wild woman is on the loose.

You define a wild woman anyway you choose, this is how I define her, for I feel her breathing within me each day, I have meet her, and I chose for her to live,and I have never regretted the power I have unleashed. ॐ heart emoticon

Mary Costanza

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