Friday, 1 August 2014

Heart and Ego!

Ego connects with our adrenaline and our Heart connects us with our Bliss and the two together create passion. When we are in Ego without the Heart our desire for control increases and we become aggressive, when we are connected to our Heart without the Ego, we tend to drift into the ethers feeling idealistic, selfless and dreamy. Because we can't deny any aspect of ourselves, finding integration between the two helps us to take care of our needs and the needs of others with joy and our Kundalini has a chance to be activated fully.

The Nervous system is the equalizer and helps these energies be distributed throughout the body. If we are in Fear, we constrict and can become ungrounded, which affects our nervous system, making us anxious and reactive and stressed. When we connect with Love, we are able to be more compassionate and expansive and we are more flexible, which allows us to be more fluid and accepting of all that we confront.

Our thoughts and feelings are what activate these energies, so if we pay attention to how we are being affected by anything that is going on around us, we can make adjustments through simply tuning into the vibrations and adjusting our perceptions accordingly ~ choosing Love has the best results and acknowledging fear through recognizing that it represents the need for us to integrate aspects of ourselves that we have lost touch with, we can have it help us to reach deeper into our divine potential and then become senior to the lower forces that trick us into thinking that we don't have the power or ability to shift things for the better.

When we allow our passion to be ignited through aligning Heart and Ego, we are grounded and have Love in action and there is no greater force than this in the World and from here comes magic and miracles. This Union brings together our inner masculine and feminine and right and left brain and Spirit is able to pour into our being from this balance, as this is our true Creative power and is what expands us into our Mulit-dimensional and Galactic Consciousness.

via:The Return of the Divine Feminine

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